If you are ready to get into the car audio game and must spend wisely, look no further than Cerwin-Vega Mobile’s brand new XED series amplifiers.  Our Xtreme Energy Design amplifiers deliver the performance and reliability for any car audio system.  Packed with feature sets like switchable crossovers, RCA and high-level inputs, protect status LED, and Vega Bass Boost, XED series amplifiers were designed to provide tremendous value for anyone seeking some bump in their trunk!

The 2-channel XED600.2 amplifier is a nice little amplifier that can spark any factory OEM speakers and make them come to life.  The 4-channel XED600.4 model is very versatile and can power your entire system.   Multiple installation possibilities exists such as having all 4-channels of this model driving all your speakers up front or just having the front 2-channels powering your speakers in the cabin of the vehicle while the rear 2-channels can provide power to your subwoofer in the trunk.  The XED1200.1M mono-block amplifier is the answer when you really want to drop some bass to your subwoofers with Cerwin-Vega Mobile’s signature Vega Bass Boost feature.

Go ahead and act your wage!  XED series amplifiers can provide tremendous boost to any stock car audio system without breaking the bank!