When seeking power and clean signal for your car audio system, Cerwin-Vega Mobile’s HED series amplifiers are the answer.  Our High Energy Design amplifiers generate even more power compared to the previous generation HED models.  The 2-channel H41000.2 model drops 100W X 2 @ 4Ω RMS power while the two 4-channel models H4900.4 and H41200.4 deliver above and beyond power at its rated class while being very competitively priced!   The high-powered digital Class D mono-blocks consisting of the H41000.1D, H41500.1D, and H42000.1D complete the HED series amplifier product offering.  These HED series mono-block amplifiers can play down to a 1Ω load, which is deserving of their High Energy Design name!

Constructed with a heavy grade aluminum alloy extruded heatsink, HED series amplifiers are built to last.  Red ambient logo background lighting completes the finish on this series.  Equipped with a variable crossover and remote level controller for system tuning, HED series amplifiers can adjust to exactly how you want your car audio system to sound!