In 1954, a young aerospace engineer by the name of Gene Czwerwinski took his passion for music and set a goal of achieving the ultimate realism in the audio world.  He wanted to create a live musical sound experience where bass could be felt and not only heard.   From this, the Cerwin-Vega brand was born!

2014 marks the 60th anniversary of Cerwin-Vega!  From its inception, Cerwin-Vega has always been the industry leader in the audio experience manufacturing legendary high-fidelity equipment.  Cerwin-Vega product innovation and superior performance throughout its history has earned Cerwin-Vega tremendous respect by audiophile peers worldwide from Pro Audio professionals to Hi-Fi enthusiasts, and to Mobile Audio fanatics.  Many pioneering technical innovations such as the introduction of large 18” sound systems that could produce 130dB at 30Hz back in the 1950’s was unheard of at that time!  In 1957, Cerwin-Vega introduced the world’s FIRST solid state amplifier specifically for high-fidelity sound in which its circuit design was influenced by a 10,000 watt sonar amp.

As the evolution of dynamic music became more popular a decade later, Cerwin-Vega quickly became the brand of choice for loudspeakers and system designs.   Cerwin-Vega quickly became a supplier to major manufacturers such as Fender, Acoustic, Sunn, and Vox.   Mainstream success followed Cerwin-Vega with a dramatic new innovation in motion picture sound known as “Sensurround” which premiered with the release of the motion picture “Earthquake”.  Special effects through powerful low-frequency bass notes utilizing Cerwin-Vega amplifiers and subwoofers would shake movie theaters simulating a real earthquake.  Cerwin-Vega was honored an Academy Award for Special Technical Achievement for this innovation.

With more than 60 years of expertise in creating the ultimate sound experience, the legacy of Cerwin-Vega continues to live on!  With our latest mobile audio product innovations and advancements, we continue to push the envelope.  Look no further than the intimidating Stroker Pro amplifier and subwoofer.  Leaning heavily on its heritage but incorporating the latest engineering and design advancements, the Stroker Pro series leads Cerwn-Vega’s 60 Year Anniversary charge of LOUD and exciting new products!